Jim Blochberger isn’t just the architect who designed our house… He’s the person we trusted to help us make our dreams come true and from the moment we met, we knew we had the right architect. In the design phase he took time to get to know us and really figure out what we wanted. His patience was unwavering and he was always willing to try our ideas or offer a fresh perspective on something that just wasn’t right. I’ll never forget the day we walked into his office, sat down, said hello to Madison (his big white fluffy dog), made small talk and finally looked up on the wall to discover the very first renderings of what our home was going to actually look like. It was amazing to “see it” for the first time! There were so many wonderful moments like that with Jim. It just showed how much he cares. In the build phase he was constantly on-site to help with “in the field” changes (very few) and offer his opinion on whatever we were trying to make a decision about. He was always willing to meet when we needed him. His expertise and knowledge on architecture were evident from very early on and we were very privileged to get to work with him. No, Jim Blochberger isn’t just the architect who designed our house. Jim is the friend who designed our dream home.

Richard and Victoria York – Client

From the beginning of the process, Jim actually listened to what WE wanted. He didn’t have the personal agenda that many architects bring to the table. He is a gifted, creative mind and was thoughtful and patient throughout the process, even when we were not. We could tell that he was the kind of guy who lays awake at night thinking about every detail of the project. In this age of generic, homogenous, over the top and often off-the-mark homes, it is nice to know that architects like Jim Blochberger still exist.

Ryan and Gretchen Schubert – Client

Jim has an approach to design and functionality that is very refreshing. Jim took the time to spend hours with us on our ‘wants’ for our home and incorporated them flawlessly along with an eye to detail that we had not considered. Not only was there meticulous detail to the design, he took the time to follow the process fully. What was truly unique was his approach with our builder; making certain that there were no deficiencies in the work product he designed for our family. Making regular visits to the construction site throughout the process is something we have never experienced with any other architect. He fully researched new building concepts that we asked to incorporate and everything was done with professionalism. We cannot recommend Jim highly enough to anyone looking to build their dream home.

John and Carey Musil – Client

I am the owner of Schultz Development Corp., a custom home building company in Scottsdale, Az. Jim Blochberger has worked with us designing a number of homes over the last 20 years. Nine years ago my wife and I purchased a lot in Paradise Valley to build a home for ourselves and hired Jim for our architect. We were very happy working with Jim and have had many wonderful compliments about our home over the years we have lived there. Jim is a talented architect and has been a friend for almost 25 years. We have had the opportunity to work with many talented architects over the years and I am happy to include Jim in this short list of professionals I respect.

John Schultz – Client and Home Builder

Jim Blochberger has been an inspiration in helping us get the house that we have always wanted. After numerous attempts going in other directions we retained Jim who came up with solutions that allowed us to reach our goal, a unique and charming home that is perfect for us.

Bob and Heather Novak – Client

Dear Jim… I remember our introduction to your architectural talents. We were well along with plans for a complete remodel of our home with a different firm and were frustrated by the lack of magic and livability that we were seeing. It was a large project and we felt that if we were going to make that kind of investment we needed to be excited by the prospect of the end result. Fortunately a mutual friend who had worked with you on other projects and understood our dilemma asked if he could take our concept to you and see what you might envision. We were pressed for time, it was a strain on our relationship and we had already invested a large sum with the existing firm. I said yes, just hoping. You must have worked all night because in the morning there was a floor plan and a couple of vignettes that accomplished what we were looking for. It was emotional as we left the previous firm but you were able to capture our lifestyle dreams. Working with you produced a home that we love, that others love and feel comfortable in and that allows us to enjoy both indoor and outdoor spaces to our delight. Thank you indeed for great ideas translated into quality living.

Mike and Robyn DeBell – Client

I am very pleased to have hired Jim Blochberger to be the architect for my new home. Jim came highly recommended to me from a friend based upon his past work, and now I know why. Throughout the whole project, from the conceptual design to the construction of the home, Jim provided the level of personalized service that he had discussed with me when we first met. This personalized service included attention to detail in the design of the home, making sure that the details were built correctly during the construction of the home, and being available to answer any questions at any time regarding my new home. I believe that Jim brought great value to my project with the personalized service he provided to me, and I am pleased to recommend him to anyone searching for an architect.

Bill Perry – Client

We hired Jim to be our architect on a complete remodel and addition to our home. This was a challenging and complex project in that we were wanting not only to revise the floor plan to work for us the way we live, but we also wanted to change the complete look and character of the architecture of the home. Jim was creative and detail orientated in his approach to the project. The end result is a home that exceeded our expectations. He is professional and on time with his services. Just as important, he was a pleasure to work with and made the whole design and construction process fun to be a part of. Jim brought great value to our project and we would highly recommend him to anyone looking to hire an architect for their home.

Scott and Joni Wald – Client

Andy and I had the pleasure of working with Jim while designing our custom home at Arizona Country Club, in 2006. Jim is unmatched in his ability to optimize even the most challenging home site, while still incorporating the elements his clients would like to see in a home. He is intuitive, flexible, driven by quality, and has the ability to work well within an established budget. After working with Jim on both large-scale commercial projects, and our personal home, I can confidently say Jim Blochberger is among the best in the industry. Andy and I highly recommend him to anyone looking for an outstanding architect.

Stacey Boltz and Andy Meltz – Client

Jim Blochberger worked with us on a major remodel of an old ranch house in Arcadia. We chose Jim after interviewing numerous architects, partially because Jim has experience with extensive remodels, much more challenging than a new design. We found Jim to be open to suggestion, while most architects are focused on selling their own vision. He is an expert in aesthetics, but is also interested in the use of space, how a house will live. We reviewed blueprints Jim had submitted for permit, and were impressed by the detail. We were correct in assuming that such detail would facilitate city approval and impress any builder who would have to interpret them. Jim is interested in the whole process, including the interiors and the landscaping. He is uniquely budget conscious, definitely a plus for us, and rare in his profession. Jim helped us interview numerous builders and interior designers, and was patient through the process of finding the right builder. In summary, Jim produced a great product for us, and became a friend in the process. We highly recommend Jim Blochberger.

Jan and Chris Cacheris – Client

We had the pleasure of working with Jim Blochberger on the remodel of our home. We bought an older fixer upper that needed a master plan and a lot of attention to detail which Jim was able to completely execute. His vision and design for this project was everything we were looking for in an architect. His assistance throughout the project including the many site visits to the home was very beneficial. We were so pleased with his design and personal touch he gave us and our project. We would highly recommend him to anyone looking for an architect.

Sean and Hillary Clements – Client

Jim was creative, thoughtful, and patient. He was a joy to work with and provided ideas and options to help us design the plan for our home. After construction began, he remained involved and helped us through the completion of the project. We highly recommend Jim.

John and Colleen Lomax – Client

My wife and I purchased a property in Paradise Valley that needed a complete remodel and began looking for an architect to help with our home. We heard about Jim through friends, and met him and toured several of his designs including his home. His work is unique, charming and exactly what we were looking for. He helped us find the perfect builder to do our project. From start to finish, Jim was timely, professional, on budget and fun to have a glass of wine with. We couldn’t be happier.

Jim and Vicki Ingstad – Client

Jim Blochberger has vision. We were looking for a style of home that we could not find an example of in the Phoenix area. We wanted the timeless feel of a home built anywhere in southern Europe, from Portugal across to Italy, within the last few hundred years. Every architect we met with said they could design such a house, but their work and drawings just did not have the feel of what we had experienced in Europe. One visit to Jim’s home/office made it clear that he had an innate sense of old Europe. Our building was delayed for years by the run-up and then crash of the real estate market. Jim stayed the course with us and became a good friend in the process. One of Jim’s particularly valuable attributes is an internal, three-dimensional vision of how rooms, views, halls, etc., will look and feel. He also has a highly refined sense of finishes critical to making a design on paper become authentic in reality. Our lot was very difficult to build upon due to Paradise Valley wash dedication and setback requirements, but Jim’s extensive experience in the Town and his awesome vision led to a great use of the lot. We couldn’t have done it without Jim, and would highly recommend him to anyone looking to hire an architect for their home.

Peter and Cathy Mock – Client